Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hot Rod Power Tour - Day 6

Thursday, June 7, 2012 – to Stillwater, Oklahoma (Kicker Corporate Complex – a high end car audio company)

237 miles travel distance.

Today's weather was overcast, morning temperature in the high 60's, highs in the mid 80's.

Our hotel room for Wednesday night was west of Miami, Oklahoma. The Power Tour was headed south from Miami, then west to Stillwater. We decided to head west then south to Stillwater through some back country roads. Oklahoma roads are not that great. They have expansion joints in the roads that shake your car. However, the Oklahoma countryside is worth seeing.

We stopped at the boyhood home of Jim Thorpe, a famous Oklahoman athlete from the 1930's, in Yale, Oklahoma. The quaint wood frame house was closed so we took some photos and moved on. We arrived in Stillwater around 10:30 am.

I thought Stillwater. Oklahoma (about an hour west of Tulsa) would be a small sleepy town. It turns out it's home to Oklahoma State University (OSU). It's a big and vibrant college town with large athletic fields and dormitories, Because of 2 inches of rain yesterday, the venue for today changed from the Kicker Corporate headquarters to an OSU athletic field about 10 minutes away.

“Watching the cars go by”

Gene was tired of walking around parking lots looking at cars so today we decided to sit in lawn chairs (in the shade) and watch the Power Tour cars arrive through the only entrance to the parking lot. We spent 3 hours sitting and taking pictures of the cars driving by at 5 mph. The cars were still arriving when we left!

Tomorrow we complete the Power Tour in Arlington, Texas (near Dallas).

On Saturday morning, the “Long Haulers” (those that drove and stopped at all 7 cities on the Power Tour) will get a goody bag.

-Mark R 

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