Friday, June 8, 2012

Hot Rod Power Tour Prolouge

Prologue: "Exploring "D" on my own"

 Well, I got to Detroit (the "D") with no drama on Friday morning, June 1, 2012. I had some time to use up before picking up my cousin Gene at the airport at 9pm Friday. Weather was raining, windy and in the lower 50's for most of the day.

 Registered for the Power Tour the Warren City Hall. Not many people
 showed up to register early.

Went to Jack Roush's retail center to look for souvenirs.

 Jack Roush's car collection was in the back of his retail outlet. It was 30,000 square feet, 2 big rooms with 110+ vehicles!

 I said "oh wow!" at almost every Roush vehicle. It was a free, self guided tour with vehicle placards in front of some cars. The most impressive car there was an all original maroon 1969 Boss 429 (the third car from the left in the attached photo). I highly recommend this car collection.

I visited the Roush production line (20 minutes away) where they assemble their $60,000 2012 Roush Stage 3 Mustangs. Very informative one hour tour with the Roush Director of Engineering leading the tour. I sat in the just finished custom 2012 Raybestos Mustang that will be driven on the Power Tour ($20,000 paint job, $25,000 NASCAR brake system, 650 HP Roush engine!)
 I visited the car collection open house at John Lingenfelter's facility.

 Mostly customized Corvettes, new exotics and some 60's muscle cars. It was an okay collection. Only had 3 Fords.

I got a free entry pass to the Detroit Grand Prix event at Belle Isle (Indy cars and Prototype racers) and watched the race cars practice for Sunday's race. I got to park on the island in a special Power Tour car corral.
-Mark R.

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