Monday, June 18, 2012

Hot Rod Power Tour - Prologue

Saturday, June 9, 2012 – Arlington, Texas

Saturday's Long Hauler ceremony was held at the Quicktrip Park at 9
am. I rode to the event with Gene's son in his 2006 Lotus Elise. Quite
a ride! All the Long Haulers got a nice embroidered Hot Rod magazine

Total Power Tour miles we traveled (Detroit to Dallas)...
1,867 miles

Some final thoughts...

What I learned on this trip...
it's not the destination that's important, it's the journey getting
there and who you meet along the way!

Best person I talked to on the Power Tour ...
Don Garlits, a super nice gentleman.

Best car I saw (trailered show car, vendor display only, not driven on
the Power Tour roads)...
1956 Ford Convertible “SunCammer” - 5+ year build, original 427 SOHC
motor, high end construction, high end award winner, just stunning!
Best vehicle that I saw, driven on the Power Tour route...
2013 Raybestos/Roush Stage 3 Mustang – just AWESOME!

Best Country Road to drive on (out of Michigan, Illinois, Missouri,
Oklahoma and Texas)...
Southwest Michigan had the best scenic, curvy, isolated 2 lane country roads.

Best Car Museum I saw (out of Roush, Henry Ford, Ypsilanti, Gilmore,
Roush Car Collection - free, self guided tour, 100+ vehicles,
IMSA/NASCAR race cars, prototypes, One of ones, a Boss 429 Mustang
#429, historical cars, NO ropes or barriers around vehicles, amazing
range of vehicles!

Most entertaining car event at the daily stops...
Optima battery autocross event - you can see and hear how the high
buck muscle cars perform.

Best hospitality stop (out of Mid America Motorworks, Lane Automotive
and Covercraft)
Mid America had the best Power Tour car turnout, very organized event
and the free food was great.

Best Car License Plate I saw...
on a 1969 Z-28 Camaro: Z YA LATR

Most thankful for...
mild weather throughout the Power Tour. High temperatures only reached
low 90's with a breeze in Dallas on the last day. I was dreading
driving in high 90's or in heavy, rainy weather.

Didn't like...
Poor Wi-Fi service at several hotels we stayed at. That's why these
emails have been delayed.

The 2013 Power Tour 7 day route is still pending but it will start
next year in Dallas!
-Mark R

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